Events Entertainment: How to Hire a Comedian for Your Wedding

In the event that you have a wedding event that where you want to entertain your guests, you may want to consider using the services of a comedian. One of the best thing things about using a comedian is that they are well aware of this kind of work which means that the talent will flow with little effort.

While this might be the truth, getting the best entertainer may not be the easiest task for you. For this reason, you will need to find a person who is really good and gifted at what they do. Below are some tips that may help you in getting the best comedian for your wedding:

Experience With All Ages

A wedding will have an audience of all ages. This means that you will need to find someone who can relate to all ages and make funny jokes that are appealing to them without making some of them feel left out. A person who has experience with all ages will easily entertain the guests without much of a struggle, unlike a person who deals with a given group.



When hiring a comedian, you will need to look for one with lots of creativity. Comedy is not the easiest thing to do. A good comedian is one who can make good creative jokes that people will enjoy without feeling offended. To do this, one needs to be able to create jokes out of the most basic situations that they find themselves in. A good wedding comedian needs to be good at stand up comedy if they are to appeal to your audience really.

Understand the audience

Other than knowing the age dispersion of the audience, one needs to understand the audience well. For instance, there are those that will find jokes to do with their religion or race quite offensive. As such, it is crucial for one to stick to what their audience will find entertaining. Again it is good to know one’s of how far the jokes can go and respect these limits.


A good wedding comedian is one who is disciplined. When hiring a person, it is essential to ensure that they take the role seriously. If for instance, you have asked them to be there by a given time, it is vital that they are there before that time just in case that the program changes a bit. By so doing, they allow you ample time to make the changes that might emerge in your program.

The above are some of the many points to look out for when choosing a good comedian. It is also necessary to have attended one of their shows so that you are aware of what they can deliver. This is the only way through which you can confirm that they are what they say they are. By watching them in action, you will be able to determine how fit they will be for your audience. You will also need to agree on everything before hiring them to avoid problems during the show.…