A Guide to Watching Movies on the Internet Freely and Safely

Not all people can afford the time to go to the cinema. And not all people have the time to follow all of the episodes of a series. The Internet has undoubtedly tackled those problems by giving movie enthusiasts paid streaming platforms. But even that is not enough because not all of us have the budget to spend on such entertainment. Some of us are always pursuing those tv series download links popping up on the sketchy webs. But which ones that do work? And how to see movies freely and safely at the same time?

Set Your VPN

a padlock on keyboardVPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It works as a shield that can get you through government censorship and protect your exact location from being detected by a third party. However, there are many shady free VPN providers out there that plant malware in their program. And thus, you’d be better to stick with the big players, such as Express VPN, Nord VPN, IPVanish, and Cyber Ghost. If you want a free service, then there is nothing safer than using Opera VPN feature on its browser.

Download Through Torrent Sites

Torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337x, and EZTV have updated content that ranges from classic movies, animes, to TV series. However, many of them are accessible only by magnet links, which you must be careful with because some of them can lead you to a faux web. Never share any details of any of your accounts when you visit a torrent site.

Install a Popup Blocker

A popup blocker can prevent unwanted tabs from opening, which is a feature that you will need if you attempt to stream a movie from a free streaming platform because you’ll usually be bombarded with popups that run on the background. You should worry about this process because it gives chances for spyware to steal your sensitive data, such as bank accounts, login passwords, emails, and other stuff.

Moreover, there are also malware that masks itself as a clickable ad that if you click it, it installs the malicious program in your computer directly. In brief, popups are not good for your PC’s health.

Log-Off from Your Emails and Social Media

You’d be better to go incognito to be much safer. Some streaming platforms, torrent sites, or the popups may trick you into sharing their address to your contacts. Not only will this cause an embarrassment if the link you share turns out to be NSFW content, but it will also put the people in your email list at risk.…